Owlet Cam 2 Not Streaming Video

This article is for troubleshooting a disconnected Owlet Cam video stream after it has been previously set up. Follow the troubleshooting guide below to restore the connection and video stream.

Begin by checking the following:

  1. Force close then relaunch the Owlet App.
  2. Check that the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network used by Owlet Cam is broadcasting.
  3. On your mobile device and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Cam, run a speed test.
    • Both download and Upload speeds must exceed 2 Mbps. The Cam requires 2 Mbps of dedicated bandwidth for both download and upload.
  4. Verify the Owlet mobile app is up to date.
    • Check for updates in the Google Play/App Store and we also recommend using automatic updates.
  5.  Reboot the Cam
    • Unplug the Cam from power and wait 10 seconds. Restore power and wait for the Cam to completely reboot.

Check the Cam Status Light as needed.


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