Problems with Cam 2 Video Display

We sincerely apologize for the issue you are seeing with your Owlet Cam’s video stream. Please take a moment to try the following troubleshooting steps: 

  1. Force close your app and launch it again. Did that fix it?
  2. If no, please try logging out of your account on the app and logging back in. Did that fix it?
  3. If no, uninstall the app and reinstall it. Did that fix it?
  4. If no, delete the Owlet Cam from your app. To do this go into your accounts menu and select that Owlet Cam under the My Device’s column.


      • Once deleted, press the round button on the back of the Owlet Cam, under the micro USB port for 20 seconds until your hear “resetting, please wait”
      • When the Owlet Cam says “ready to pair’ go into your accounts menu again and select add deceive. Follow the steps on the screen to reconnect your Owlet Cam to your app.

Please let us know which step resolved your issue. Additionally, if none of them worked, please provide us with this information and we can continue with additional steps to try. Can you also let us know:

  1. What type of phone are you using? (Apple or Android)
  2. What version of the app are you using? Account > Help and Support
  3. Did you recently connect your Owlet Cam to the new Wi-Fi?

Thank you so much and again, we are sorry for the issue you have been experiencing!