Cam 2: Capture and view video clips


The Owlet Cam 2 can capture video clips on sound, motion & cry detection events.

Checking the box that says “capture a video clip” on the notifications setting page enables automatic video capturing and also creates a thumbnail to help identify the video clip. 

  • Video clips will be ~10 seconds long, and will capture up to 3-5 seconds before the event so that you know what caused the event to occur. 
  • Video Clips are stored for 7 days, and can be saved to your device to share your favorite moments with family and friends.
  • In order for clips to automatically be captured and sent, at least 1 device must have the cam notifications feature enabled during that time. 

Viewing Video Clips:

  1. Access your clips from the home page, or in your child’s daily history with your sleep sessions.
  2. You can select any of the clips, just press anywhere on the clip row.
  3. Rotate the device screen to view a clip in landscape (fullscreen) mode. You can play, pause, fast forward and rewind (4 seconds). 


How to save or share my video clips? 

In order to save a clip, just select the clip you want to save and hit the share button. You will have the option to save the video to your device, or share it via your preferred platform. 



Why am I not seeing my clips?

Video Clips will get captured any time a specified event occurs, AND the checkbox is selected for that specific notification type (Cry, Sound, Noise)

  • If your phone has Cam Notifications enabled, check the Notifications settings page to ensure that the checkbox for Record a video clip under the notification type is selected. 
  • Check to make sure that no one else on your account has deleted the clips.  When any user deletes a clip, it will be deleted across the entire shared account. 
  • How long ago was the clip captured? Clips are only stored in the account for 7 days, and will automatically disappear from your video history after that time has passed. 


How to delete my video clips? 

Video Clips will live in the history for up to 7 days before they expire and will be permanently deleted from the account.  Once the video clips are deleted in the app, all users logged into that account will lose access to those video clips. Video clips automatically are also deleted from the Owlet backend services once they expire and cannot be retrieved by the user or by Owlet support once the video clips are expired or deleted.


Here’s how to delete the video clips:

  • To delete a clip, hit “Select” and click on the videos you want to delete.
  • You can also delete the video from the full screen view by clicking the share button.