How to Safely Position your Owlet Cam 2

Place the Cam and all cables 3 feet (90 cm) away from the edge of the crib. Cables within 3 feet of the edge of the crib should be covered. 


Choose A Position

The Owlet Cam can be positioned on a flat surface or mounted on a wall.



The following instructions will guide you through mounting the Cam on a wall above a crib. 


What You'll Need

The mounting hardware within the cam packaging is labeled. 


Box #1 contains the mounting plate, screw, left and right L-brackets, and end piece. 



Box #2 contains all the long mounting guards.


You'll also need a Phillips screwdriver and measuring tape (not included). 


If your mounting hardware looks different, you may have a previous version. You can view position instructions for the Owlet Cam Installation guide with Cable Box here.


1. Measure and Mark

Measure 36 inches (0.9 meters) from the top of your baby's mattress and make a mark on the wall. This is where the cam will be mounted. Center this mark above the baby's crib for the optimal viewing angle. 

Consider which outlet to use. The outlet should be at least 36 inches (0.9 meters) away from the crib to ensure no exposed cables will be within baby's reach. 


It's also important to consider the location of the temperature sensor. The temperature sensor can be found near the end of the smart cable on the side that connects to the power adapter. 



2. Fasten the Mounting Plate and Thread the Smart Cable

Align the center hole of the mounting plate with the mark you've made on the wall. Using the provided screw, fasten the mounting plate to the wall with the arrows pointing upwards. 



Once the mounting plate is secure, unwrap the smart cable and thread it down the channel of the mounting plate, aligning the orange sticker on the cable to the top of the mounting plate. Make sure you have enough slack to position the Cam into your desired angle.




3. Mount the Base and Attach the Cam

Position the large holes of the magnetic base over the protruding tabes on the mounting plate, then slide downwards until it clicks. Once the base is secure, attach the Cam and plug it in. 




4. Mount the Cable Guards

The cable guards use high-strength adhesive. Take your time during installation to ensure proper placement. 

Please keep all cords secured. This includes behind the crib and down to the ground. If the cord is within three feet of your child, the cable guards need to be in place. A cable management guard is included to make sure all excess cord can be secured.

Peel off the adhesive cover from the back of a long guard and tread the cable down the center of it. Next, snap the guard onto the bottom of the mounting plate and press firmly onto the wall. Repeat this process with each remaining guard until you reach the height of the wall outlet. 


When you reach the height of the wall outlet, use the right or left L-bracket to guide the cable in the direction of it. Install long guards until any cable within 36 inches (0.9 meters) of the edge of the crib is covered. continue adding long guards as needed to reach the outlet. Finally, install the end piece when you are within 6-10 inches (0.15-0.25 meters) of the outlet (this allows enough room for excess cable to be wrapped). 



5. Wrap the Excess Cable

Wrap any excess cable not needed to reach the outlet with the cable wrap. 

1. Gather the excess cable into a loop.


2. Secure the top section of the loop by feeding the cable wrap through the first hole. The Owlet logo faces outward.


3. Secure the bottom section of the loop to the top section by feeding the cable wrap through the second hole (the loop should now look like a bow). Secure the remaining cable wrap. 



Once the excess cable has been wrapped securely, connect the power cable to the power adapter and plug it in. 


You're all set! You can now use the app to reference how to adjust the Cam angle until you achieve the desired view.