Room Comfort Prompts

With the Owlet Dream App, you can track your child’s room environment and get notified when your child’s room may be uncomfortable. The Owlet Cam reads humidity levels along with temperature on the live stream and will send you a lavender sleep assist prompt when the temperature is too low or high or the humidity levels reach uncomfortable readings.

The default room comfort settings are set at the following, but you can adjust them to meet your home and environmental conditions.

Default temperature thresholds Default humidity thresholds
Low High
60℉ (16℃) 80℉ (27℃)
Low High
10% 90%

If all conditions fall within these default or customized thresholds, room status will read “Room is Comfortable”. When the room conditions fall outside the set thresholds, the app will read ‘Room is Uncomfortable’ and the following prompt will be sent.

Control your Room Comfort settings in the Owlet Dream App:
Owlet Cam Settings → Notifications → Room Comfort

**Don’t see these Room Comfort options in the Notifications Settings? Make sure you are on the latest app version (Android Dream 1.1.0 or above, iOS Dream 1.0.40 or above) & make sure your Cam firmware is on 3.2.11 (or higher)

Cam Notifications must be enabled in order for your device to receive these prompts.