Prompts: Know what's going on

The Base Station is designed to prompt you with light and sound if your child needs your help to sleep better. They may be uncomfortable or their sleep environment is poor. Monitoring may also be interrupted.  

There are 3 different Base Station prompt types: Yellow, Blue, and Lavender.







Flashing Lavender

What happened?

Based on our algorithms, we determined that your child is not sleeping well and may need your help to return to sleep. Dream Sock's algorithm creates a unique baseline for your baby, taking into account their heart rate, oxygen level, wakings, and movement. If there is a significant deviation from this baseline, Dream Sock will send a real-time "sleep assist" prompt to check on your baby.

The prompt was probably caused by one of the following:


Significant crying or moving

When a child is crying or moving for long periods of time it can impact their sleep quality.





If your child is uncomfortable it can lead to poor sleep quality.  Sleep indicators, such as heart rate and oxygen, are continually monitored and will trigger a lavender prompt if they deviate from your child’s unique baseline.





If the room is too hot, too cold, too humid, or too dry.

What should I do?

When receiving a lavender prompt, the very first thing you should do is check on your child and see if they are sleeping soundly. Then use the dream app sleep indicators to see how you can assess how to improve their quality of sleep. 


Flashing Yellow

What Happened?

Based on our algorithms, we determined that the sock has fallen off, shifted, or is improperly placed.

What should I do?

Snooze the prompt. You’ll then have 1 min to re-secure the sock. Make sure the correct sock is on the correct foot.


Flashing Blue

What happened?

Based on our algorithms, we determined that the sock is out of range, out of battery, or the signal is being blocked.

What should I do?

Snooze the prompt and check that your Sock is connected to Wi-Fi and that you are within range of the Base Station. Note: Your body can also block the Sock's signal. If your Sock is out of battery return it to the Base Station.

Snoozing a prompt

When you get a prompt you can snooze the sound for 60 seconds with a short press on the Base Station or in the app. After 60 seconds, if the issue was not resolved, the Base will sound again.

Example of snoozing a base sleep tip 

Turning off monitoring

We recommend that you charge the Sock whenever not monitoring, but if you ever want to turn off monitoring, press and hold the Base Station until the light ring goes out and you hear a chirp. A short press will turn on the Base Station again.