Dream Sock Yellow Prompts

Tracking your little one's sleep trends using Dream Sock's prompts helps you build healthy sleep habits. Yellow prompts indicate that the Dream Sock is not able to get a good reading. This could be caused by poor placement, wrong size Dream Sock, cold feet, or too much motion. Below are the most common issues and solutions.


The Dream Sock is intended to be used to track sleep trends and gather information while Baby sleeps.

If you track sleep trends while your child is awake yellow prompts may occur frequently. To avoid prompts while your child is awake during feedings and diaper changes you can turn off tracking by powering off the Dream Sock Base Station - but don’t forget to turn it back on when your little one goes back to sleep.

Excessive Movement

The Dream Sock is capable of getting readings through gentle motion. When the Sock is unable to get a reading the app will show a wiggling feet image and the base station will display a bouncing green light while it attempts to get another reading. If excessive motion persists for 4 minutes, this will trigger a yellow prompt.


Dream Sock is intended to fit children up to 30lbs. Ensure you are using the proper size Sock for your child.  If the Sock is too small or too tight, it may cut off circulation. If the Sock is too big, it won’t be secure enough to get a consistent reading and will trigger a yellow prompt.


Verify that the Dream Sock is placed properly as shown in this placement guide.

Additionally, you can place a normal sock over the Dream Sock to help keep the sock in place and the foot warm.

Dirty Sensor

Check to make sure the Dream Sock and Sensor are clean. If the Dream Sock or sensor is dirty it may obstruct the sensor’s ability to get a reading.

Follow these cleaning instructions to clean the Dream Sock every 2 weeks at a minimum. Check out our washing guide to learn more.

If persistent yellow prompts are not resolved by checking each of the above-mentioned common issues, please chat with one of our technical support experts

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