Dream Sock: Snoozing Prompts

When there is an active Base Station prompt of any kind you can snooze the prompt sound for 60 seconds with a short press on the Dream Sock Base Station or in the app.

Snoozing will only pause the Dream Sock Base Station and app sound—the light ring will continue to show on the Base Station and details are available in the app. The prompts remain in effect until the condition is resolved.

If a new prompt with the same or higher priority occurs while snoozed, the new prompt will begin without being snoozed.

Turning off monitoring

We recommend that you charge the Sock whenever not monitoring, but if you ever want to turn off monitoring, press and hold the Base Station until the light ring goes out and you hear a chirp. A short press will turn on the Base Station again.


The Dream Sock is capable of getting readings through gentle motion, like your baby’s wiggly feet. The Dream Sock should be removed or monitoring should be turned off while holding your child, such as burping them or rocking them to sleep. Having the Dream Sock monitor during excessive movement activities, such as a diaper change, may cause unnecessary prompts as the sock will not be receiving clear readings.