Dream Sock Blue Prompts

Tracking your little one's sleep trends using Dream Sock's prompts can help Baby get better sleep. Blue prompts indicate that the Dream Sock is not communicating to its base station. There are two common causes and solutions for these prompts.


Distance from the Dream Sock base station or obstructed path

The Base station and Dream Sock communicate via Bluetooth. Bluetooth has an optimal range of up to 100 feet direct line of sight. This range can be greatly reduced when going through walls or if blocked by objects, particularly if they are metal, other electronics, or the human body.

Solution: Place the Base Station where it is has the best line of sight path to the Dream Sock possible. Avoid positioning your body between your child and the Dream Sock Base Station.

Depleted Dream Sock Battery

If the Dream Sock’s battery is fully depleted it will lose communication with the base station and you will receive a blue prompt in the app. A fully charged Dream Sock will last 14-16 hours.

Solution: Place the Sensor on the Base Station and completely recharge the battery for 90 minutes to 100%.

Finding a home for the Base Station

The Base Station location is essential for proper performance and safety.  The best location may NOT be your child’s room depending on your home. And you may have to move the Base Station during the day so you can always hear it.

Keep the Base Station where:

  • You can Always HEAR it
    • The Base Station is the primary source for all notifications, both audible and visual. It should be located so that the Caregiver can hear notifications over background noise or distractions. Move it during the day if needed.
  • It will wake you up at night
    • The Base Station should be located to wake up Caregivers during notifications. The Base Station lights will automatically dim in darker rooms.
  • It can connect to your home wifi network
    • The Base Station must be within the range of your home Wi-Fi network. Once setup, verify connection using the Wi-Fi light on the bottom of the Base Station or the Dream App. If the connection is unstable, move the Base Station until the connection is stable.
  • It can talk to the Sock (within 100 feet or 30 meters)
    • In most cases, the Sock and Base Station just need to be in the same home (within 100 ft. or 30 m of each other) so they can communicate. But home size and layout may affect signal strength, requiring the Base Station to be placed closer to the Sock.
  • It is AWAY from the crib
    • Keep the Base Station and cord away from the crib and out of your child’s reach to reduce cord strangulation hazards.
    • CAUTION: Do NOT place the Base Station in any position that might cause it to fall on the child. Injury could occur.
  • Move as needed
    • If a single location does not fit these requirements, the Base Station may need to be moved during the day.

If you are receiving blue prompts frequently and you have already moved the Base Station to improve signal strength, please chat with one of our technical support experts

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  • Contact our Technical Support experts