Dream Sock: Verify Phone and Base Station are on the Same WiFi Network

It's important to you that you are able to track the sleep trends of your little one. This article provides troubleshooting for when you need to verify that your Owlet Dream Sock Base Station is connected to the same Wifi network as your phone, providing you with Baby's sleep trend information.

The Owlet Dream Sock Base Station, like many devices, cannot connect to 5G WiFi networks, hidden networks, or cellular networks. Most WiFi-enabled mobile devices have built-in preferences to remember wireless networks.  This means that once the Dream Sock Base Station has successfully connected to your WiFi network, your mobile device used to connect the Dream Sock Base Station to that wireless network will return to its previously preferred network.  

If you normally use a 5G, hidden, or cellular network (3G or LTE), you will not be able to successfully register your Dream Sock Base Station to your Owlet account without temporarily connecting to a 2.4G Dream Sock Base Station-compatible network.

Before selecting the Owlet network to connect to WiFi:

  1. Forget any network that is not supported (5G, hidden, etc.).
  2. Connect your mobile device to the 2.4G  network you plan to use to connect the Dream Sock Base Station to the WiFi.
  3. Connect the Dream Sock Base Station to the wireless network as directed in the app.
  4. Check to ensure the mobile device is still connected to the same network used with the Dream Sock Base Station before attempting to register the product to your account.

For more help or to diagnose and troubleshoot WiFi with our support partner RouteThis Helps. Check out WiFi Dream Sock Self Help Tool. The RouteThis app can help fix problems with WiFi, setup, and video quality. Available only in the US and Canada.