Cam 1 Streaming: spinning circles with loading or connecting messages

When your Owlet app is showing spinning circles (appearing above the Cam Audio and WiFi information) use this article’s steps to identify and resolve spinning circles while using the app with your Cam.

Update Cam firmware when prompted

Keeping your Cam updated can prevent many of the spinning circle or light status issues covered in this article. Your app displays an orange update button on the app’s main Cam view page if you need to update your Cam firmware.

If you’re seeing this update message, tap the orange button to update your Cam’s firmware to the latest version now.

Note: This can make a significant difference in your Cam’s streaming performance, so we recommend keeping both your Cam firmware and your app updated.

I see the message “Connecting…” with a spinning circle

Try this:

  1. Check that your Cam is plugged into the wall and it is receiving power.
    The status light indicates if it is enabled in the Owlet app or not.
  2. If a status light is not displaying:
    1. Unplug your cam from the power and plug it back in.
      You should see a red light if your Cam is plugged in and receiving power.
    2. Force-close your Owlet app.
    3. Relaunch your Owlet app.
    4. Turn on the LED lights in your app:
      1. Go to the account tab underneath My Owlet Devices.
      2. Tap your device.
      3. Toggle the status light on if it is off.
        You should now be connected, streaming, and able to see your little one.


If this is not bringing your Cam back online and streaming, please check your Cam’s light
status and compare it to the tips and recommendations in this article for that light status.

What is my Cam light telling me?

What the color of your status light means depends on your Cam's firmware.  Please use this article to verify the meaning of your status light color before continuing.

Spinning Circle with “Connecting…” and a blinking or solid blue light

Spinning circle with a blinking blue light

Your Cam is searching for a WiFi connection and isn't able to connect or your WiFi is not broadcasting. Try:

  1. Check your router for connection, signal strength, and speed.
  2. Check your ISP service if your router checks out. 

Spinning circle with a solid blue light

This light status indicates your Cam is now connected, try:

  1. Check your Cam viewing stream again as it might be restarting. 
  2. Force-close your Owlet app and relaunch it to clear any issues.
    You should be streaming now and able to see your little one.
If this isn’t reconnecting you, please try re-registering your Cam, re-pairing it, or as a last option, factory resetting using the tips in those instruction sections in this article.

Spinning Circle with “Loading…” and a blinking or solid red light

The app is able to connect to your Cam, but it’s unable to stream.  You can confirm whether this is true:
  1. Select the Cam from My Owlet devices underneath the Account tab. 
  2. Look at device information, is the signal strength (RSSI) displaying?
    If the signal strength is displaying, your Cam is connected to the App. 
  3. If your Cam is not streaming, try this:
    1. Force-close your Owlet app and relaunch it.
    2. Log out of the app.
    3. Log back into the app.
      Your connection should now be restored.
  4. Re-register your Cam using the instructions in this article.
  5. Check the video quality of your Cam for resolution issues. If your resolution quality is not high, you can use a speed test to verify the issue using your mobile device’s web browser, checking for:
    1. Download speed in Mbps must be greater than 2.0
    2. Note the Cam needs 2.0 Mbps of dedicated resources to function efficiently. This cannot be shared with other devices.
    3. Upload speed in Mbps must be greater than 2.0.
    4. The Cam needs 2.0 Mbps of dedicated resources to function efficiently
  6. If nothing else has restored your Cam streaming, try the Tips list before performing a factory reset using the instructions in this article.

If you aren’t yet connected and streaming after trying these tips, check your Cam’s light status. 

Spinning circle with solid red light

If you see a status “Receiving video footage” and you see a black screen with a spinning circle, there is a connection issue. 

  1. Try our helpful tips section in this article before trying a factory reset. 
  2. If those are not helping, perform a factory reset and add the Cam back to your account.
    You should now be connected, streaming, and able to see your little one.

Spinning circle with a blinking red light

If a blinking red light is your Cam's light status after restarting, or this is happening consistently after you've performed a boot-up and you are also seeing a spinning circle, your Cam might be caught in an error state.

Try this to return the Cam to streaming:

  1. Reboot your Cam (unplug and replug power) after removing any SD cards.
  2. If successful, you can put SD card back in Cam.
  3. Force-close your Owlet app and relaunch it:
    1. Log out of the app.
    2. Log back into the app.
      Your connection should now be restored. 

Important: If your Cam has an SD card slot, remove the SD card before rebooting.

If this is not resolving your Cam’s issue, contact Customer Care (includes International Technical Support) for assistance.

Try these Tips before performing a Factory Reset

Before trying more intense troubleshooting like a factory reset, please wait for a brief period of time and try again. We recommend this because some services might be busy or a network server might be down temporarily. Customers experiencing this issue often see it self-resolve after a short wait, even though their troubleshooting steps are no different.

  1. Check your Video Quality (resolution) settings in the app:
    1. Check the App’s Auto selection by triple-tapping to the left of the AUTO. This displays the resolution at which the Cam is streaming.
    2. If the resolution is automatically set high, try manually selecting a lower resolution to see if that improves streaming. 
  2. Power-cycle your Cam and re-pair the Cam:
    1. Disconnect the power cable from the Owlet Cam for 3-5 minutes.
    2. Reconnect the power cable to the Cam.
    3. Check that your Cam cable is plugged in and in good condition if your Cam isn't streaming.
  3. If your Cam does not re-pair with the app or if you're receiving an OC error code, see the Error Codes article for more information. If you’re specifically seeing OC01 error code, see the Cam error OC01 article for several possible solutions.
  4. If trying again at a later time is not helping and the steps in this article are not solving your Cam offline or streaming issues, it's time to try a factory reset.
  5. Follow the prompts to set up your Cam again (do this only if you’ve tried everything else).

Removing and Re-registering your Cam

CAUTION: This process removes the Cam from your account and removes WiFi connections. We recommend this only if the previous steps in this article are complete and your streaming issue is still unresolved.

To re-register your Cam

  1. Tap the Account tab in the Owlet App.
  2. Select Camera
  3. Select Remove this device.
  4. Tap +Add Owlet device from the Account tab.

Follow the prompts to re-register your Cam as in your original setup process.

Performing a Factory Reset

Note that once your Cam reset is complete, you must add your Cam back to your account. Factory reset your Cam and add your Cam back to your account:
  1. From the Account tab, select Camera and Remove this device.
  2. Hold the button on the back of the unit for 15 seconds
  3. Release the button when you hear the Cam announce “Resetting.
  4. Once the Cam announces Ready to Pair,” return to the app
  5. Select Add Owlet Device to add your Owlet Cam back to your account.

I’ve tried everything in this article but my Cam isn't streaming, what else can I try?

If Re-registering your device is not working, and the subsequent factory reset followed by the Cam setup process is not bringing your Cam back online, as well you've tried the other tips in this article and they are unsuccessful in resolving the issue, please contact Customer Care (including International Technical Support) for assistance.

Additional information

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