Owlet Cam not in Pairing Mode

Whether attempting to connect your Cam for the first time or connecting to a new WiFi connection, the Cam needs to be in pairing mode, indicated by an alternating red and blue status light below the camera lens.

This article will walk you through the steps to put your Cam in pairing mode.


The LED Status (above) is for Cam’s that are on 1.9 firmware and higher. If your Cam is on an older version, please update your Cam by pressing the ‘update available’ button in your app.


Enter Pairing Mode

To enter pairing mode, press and hold the button on the back of the Cam located just below the perforated vent. Hold the button until you see the status light begin to blink red and blue (approximately 3 seconds). You will hear a confirmation saying, “ready to pair.” 


If after several attempts the camera is not entering pairing mode, factory reset the camera to erase the WiFi connection and try to pair again.

Factory Reset Cam

To factory reset the camera press and hold the button on the back of the Cam for 15+ seconds until the status light turns off and you hear “Resetting, please wait.”

After a factory reset, the Cam will enter pairing mode, confirmed by the blinking red and blue light and an audible “Ready to pair.”


If the Cam has not factory reset after holding down the button for 1 minute, unplug the Cam and wait 30 seconds. Plug the Cam back in and the Cam should show a red light indicating that it is powering on followed by red and blue lights.

Understanding when to use which method.

Pairing mode (3 second button press) should be used when you are attempting to connect to a new WiFi connection or updating a WiFi password for an existing WiFi connection.

 i.e. visiting family, and attempting to connect Cam to new WiFi. 

Note: The Cam will remember the last 5 WiFi networks it was connected to, so if your home is one of the 5 most recent WiFi networks, the Cam will automatically reconnect to your home WiFi once powered on.

Factory Reset (15 second button press) should be used when you want the camera to forget any previous WiFi connections OR if the Cam is not entering pairing mode. After a factory reset, the Cam will enter pairing mode.


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