Improving Cam 1 video quality

If you are experiencing reduced or inconsistent streaming quality, adjusting your video quality settings may improve your experience.  You can set the video quality to any of the following settings in the app.

I’m seeing low-quality streaming.

If your quality setting is at a high resolution and your network is busy, it can introduce streaming quality issues. Try this

  1. Select Video Quality in the Owlet app to check your setting for your Cam’s video quality.
  2. Place your setting on Auto, which allows for the best video quality based on your environment and your network’s traffic.


I’m seeing a “No connection” graphic


Is this graphic intermittently displaying, and your Cam video streaming quality is low? Try these steps

  1. Run a speedtest or try the app troubleshooting steps in our Owlet Cam not streaming video article.
  2. Remove your Cam from your profile and re-add it:
    1. Tap Find device from My Owlet Devices under your Account menu.
    2. Tap Remove Device.
    3. Place your Cam into pairing mode:
      1. Hold the button on the back of your Cam for 3 seconds to hear the audible comment “ready to pair."
      2. Release the button.
        The LED on your cam is now blinking red and blue. (If not, repeat this step)
  3. Re-add your Cam to the Owlet app:
      1. Open the app.
      2. Select Add device under the Account tab.
      3. Select Cam and follow the prompts to re-add your Cam.

What else can I try?

  • Check that your mobile device is not in airplane mode (this mode prevents connection) and is connected to the internet.
  • If none of these steps are improving the quality of your Cam’s video, or if a failure is occurring, try a factory reset of your Cam using the instructions in the Owlet Cam not in Pairing Mode article. Follow the prompts to set up your Cam again (do this only if the other tips in this article aren't improving your Cam's video quality).
  • If the factory reset and the other steps in this article are not improving your Cam’s video quality, please contact Customer Care (includes International Technical Support) for assistance.

Additional Information

  • If you’re experiencing any other issues with your Cam, see the related articles in this section.
  • For general questions about using your Cam see our Cam FAQ articles.