Updating Cam 1 App and Firmware

For the most accurate, efficient information and the best quality streaming with your Owlet Care App and Owlet Cam, it's important to keep both the app and your Cam's firmware updated.

Keeping your Cam updated prevents errors like spinning circles and light status problems as addressed in other help center articles about your Cam. Your app displays an orange Cam Update Available button on the app’s main Cam view page whenever you need to update your Cam firmware.

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Updating your Owlet App

To check the version of the Owlet App you're running:

  1. Tap Account for the Owlet App menu.
  2. Select Help and Support.
  3. Locate the App's version number.

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Alternately, confirm and update your Owlet App simultaneously by opening your phone's app store:

  1. Enter Owlet as the search term in your phone's App Store.
  2. Tap Update to install the latest app version.
> Apple / iOS > Android
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Updating your Cam's firmware

Verify and update your Cam's firmware:

  1. Tap the Gear icon while viewing the Cam's main page.
  2. Find your Cam's firmware version.

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  3. Don't worry about keeping track of your firmware version. An orange Cam Update Available button displays on your app's Cam view page when your Cam needs updating.

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  4. If you’re seeing this update message, just tap the orange Cam Update Available button to update your Cam’s firmware to the latest version.

    Important: This often makes a significant difference in your Cam’s streaming performance and prevents errors. We recommend updating your Cam firmware and your app immediately when prompted.