Cam 1 QR code not scanning

Use this article to troubleshoot:

  • The resetting of your Owlet Cam if it's not streaming or if it's disconnecting.
  • The first-time setup of your Owlet Cam if the QR code is not scanning for you. To become familiar with the entire first-time setup process, watch the Owlet Cam setup and wall-mounting video.

If you need to reset your Cam (pairing your Cam to the Owlet app after removal or disconnection) use the troubleshooting instructions in the article Owlet Cam not in pairing mode or Owlet Cam not streaming video.

Important for first-time setup

During your first-time setup, you are presented with a QR code in the Owlet app on your mobile device. This QR code displays for your Owlet Cam to read. Once it does:

  1. Show the QR code displayed in your app to the Owlet Cam's lens as soon as you hear the Cam respond with the phrase “ready to pair.”
  2. Use the troubleshooting steps in this article to reconnect your Cam and stream to the Owlet app if you're not receiving your QR code or if it's not scanning properly.

Before you begin troubleshooting, ensure:

  • Your sticker is removed from the lens of the Owlet Cam and there are no cracks on the lens.
  • Brightness on your mobile device is 100% (switch out of dark mode if it's on) and your mobile deivce screen is free of cracks to allow your Cam lens to read your QR code easily.
  • You are connected to a 2.4GHz WiFi (5GHz is not compatible).
  • After tapping I heard a chime be sure your mobile device screen remains unlocked and your Owlet App is open.

My Cam is not chiming or saying "ready to pair" and not connecting

  1. Verify your Owlet Cam is in pairing mode. (Camera status light below the camera lens will blink red and blue in pairing mode.)
  2. To enter pairing mode, follow the Place your Cam in pairing mode section of the Owlet Cam not in pairing mode article.
  3. Hold your mobile device screen with the QR code displaying up to your Owlet Cam's lens, about 6-8 inches (15-20cm), to enable it to read your QR code.
  4. If you hear a chime, tap I heard a chime in your app.
  5. If you are not hearing the chime (after about 4-5 seconds), try moving your mobile device screen around slowly to better align your QR code to your Owlet Cam's lens.
  6. If you are experiencing a connection error after hearing the chime, tap Try Connecting Again and check that you are using the correct password for your WiFi.
    If your password is correct and you are attempting to connect multiple times and still receiving an error, try:
    1. Force quitting your app and restarting.
    2. Performing a Factory Reset of your Cam, following the instructions in the Owlet Cam not in pairing mode article.

NOTE: This troubleshooting step causes your Owlet Cam to

  • Forget previous WiFi connections.
  • Enter pairing mode. (Completing a factory reset places your Cam into pairing mode).

If the troubleshooting steps in this article are not solving your Owlet Cam's setup issue(s), please contact Customer Care (Includes International Technical Support) for further assistance with your Cam.

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