How to Set Up Dream Sock

Finding a Home for the Base Station

WARNING! The Base Station is the main source of notifications. DO NOT rely on the mobile device for notifications. Always keep the Base Station in the audible range. Ensure the Base Station can be heard over ambient noises (for example: noise machines or televisions). Ensure the Base Station is not covered.

WARNING! The Base Station may not perform properly if stored in a location with hotter or colder temperatures than normal. Before use, allow the Base Station to sit at room temperature for at least 15 minutes.

The Base Station location is essential for proper performance and safety.

The best location may NOT be the baby’s room, depending on your home. During the day, you may have to move the Base Station so you can always hear it. Keep the Base Station where:

  1. You can always HEAR and SEE it

The Base Station is the primary source for all notifications, both audible and visual. It should be located so that the Caregiver can see and hear notifications over any background noise.

  1. It will WAKE you up at night

The Base Station should be located to wake Caregivers during notifications. The Base Station lights will automatically dim in darker rooms.

  1. It can connect to your home Wi-Fi network

The Base Station must be within range of your home Wi-Fi network. Once Dream Sock is set up, verify the Base Station connection using the Wi-Fi light on the bottom of the Base Station or the Owlet Dream App. If the connection is unstable, move the Base Station until the connection is stable.

  1. It can talk to the Sensor (within 100 feet)

In most cases, the Sensor and the Base Station just need to be within the same home, within 100 feet of each other, so they can communicate. But home size and layout may affect signal strength, requiring the Base Station to be placed closer to the Sensor. 

  1. It is away from the crib

Keep the Base Station and cord at least 3 feet away from the crib and out of baby’s reach to reduce cord strangulation hazards.

CAUTION. Do NOT place Dream Sock in any position that might cause it to fall on the baby. Injury could occur.

If a single location cannot fulfill all of these requirements, the Base Station may need to be moved during the day.

Set Up the Owlet Dream App

The Owlet Dream App communicates with the Base Station using your home wireless network. The App displays readings, status messages, and notification information and is a vital part of Dream Sock. 

The Owlet Dream App allows you to:

  • See real-time readings* and status of baby 
  • Receive notifications
  • See and modify the baby’s sleep history
  • Track baby’s sleep quality

*Requirements: Dream Sock requires access to a device with iOS 13.0 or later or Android™ 7.0 or later with the Owlet Dream App downloaded; minimum OS versions apply, see app stores for details.

NOTE: Contact Owlet Baby Care, Inc. customer support for assistance in setting up, using, or maintaining the Dream Sock system, or to report unexpected performance and operational issues.

NOTE: The Sensor comes inserted in one of the small Sock sizes. Initial hardware and App setup may be completed using this configuration. Correct Sock size selection should be verified before actual use.

Download the Owlet Dream App

Before proceeding, download and install the Owlet Dream App. The App will guide you step by step through setup.

A 2.4 GHz wireless internet connection is required for live readings in the Owlet Dream App, remote access to the App, and some App features. 

Connect to Wi-Fi: The Base Station sends information to the Owlet cloud via Wi-Fi and displays this data in the Owlet Dream App. This enables real-time readings and notifications in the App from anywhere. The Base Station will indicate whether or not you have the Sock connected to Wi-Fi.

To Set Up Dream Sock:

Step 1 Download the Owlet Dream App 

Available for iOS and Android™.

Step 2 Create an account (App screens)

Follow the in-app instructions to create an account. Want to share access to baby’s information provided in the Owlet Dream App? We recommend creating a single account that each Caregiver can access.

Step 3:  Plug in the Base Station to a power source and place the Sensor onto the charging port on the Base Station 

Follow the in-app instructions to connect Dream Sock to Wi-Fi, register and pair Dream Sock with the Base Station, and make updates to Dream Sock, if necessary.

Step 4: Read and accept safety warnings in the App

These safety warnings must be acknowledged by checking the box to move forward in the process.

Step 5: Create a child profile 

The App will walk you through creating a profile for your child and assigning that profile to an Owlet device. 

CAUTION. For the Owlet Dream Sock system to function as intended, as well as for your security, keep your Owlet Dream App up to date at all times and make sure your mobile device is password protected.