Sleep Status

Underneath the Peaceful and Active Gauge, is a live reading of your child’s sleep or Dream Sock status. You can quick reference information through the help question mark tooltip to better understand the status. Using the Dream Sock algorithm, we can determine if your child is awake, in light sleep, or in deep sleep. You may also see Dream Sock statuses such as a Dream Sock placement issue, Dream Sock connection issue, or that your child needs your assistance.  A status such as “evaluating sleep status”, is confirming that the Dream Sock is receiving information but our algorithm has not yet determined what sleep state your child is in. It can take up to 10 minutes for it to update, or more if your child is very wiggly. 

The Session length is the length of time this Dream Sock session has been recording. This timer starts once a Dream Sock has been placed on your child’s foot.



If you also have an Owlet Cam or Cam 2, then you may see a status to confirm if your child’s room is comfortable or uncomfortable based on Cam data.  For more detail on the Cam 2 room-comfort indicators, please visit this article.