Smart Sock 3: All Base Station colors

The Base Station is designed to notify you using a few different colors and sounds.


      All_the_Base_Station_Colors_Bouncing_Green.png   Bouncing Green:

  Looking for readings from your baby.


      All_the_Base_Station_Colors_Pulsing_Green.png   Pulsing Green:

  Receiving readings.


All_the_Base_Station_Colors_Blue.png   Flashing Blue:

 Sock out of range from Base Station, depleted battery or signal blocked.


All_the_Base_Station_Colors_Yellow.png  Flashing Yellow:

 Sock has fallen off or is improperly placed. 


All_the_Base_Station_Colors_Red.png   Flashing Red:

 Heart rate or oxygen level are outside specified limits.


      All_the_Base_Station_Colors_Orange.png    Blinking Orange:

 The Sock was placed on a Base Station it is not paired to.


     All_the_Base_Station_Colors_White.png     White:

 Sock is plugged in and charging.


     All_the_Base_Station_Colors_Bouncing_White.png     Bouncing White:

 Sock is not paired to Base Station.