Reset App Password

Can't log in? Don't stress too much, let's get you a new password.

To improve our customers' security, we are enhancing Owlet's password requirements. When customers sign up for a new account or existing customers reset passwords, they will be asked to create more secure passwords. Our applications are ready to guide customers in creating more secure passwords. 

Going forward, customer's passwords will need to be "Strong" or higher.  Please review the general guidelines listed below for help in creating your new password.

How to Reset Your Owlet Password

We recommend adding contact@owletcare as a contact in your email account to ensure the reset message does not end up in spam

  1. On the login page of the Owlet app, select 'Forgot Your Password'.
  2. Enter your email address and click 'Reset'.
  3. Check your email for a reset code, (also check spam or junk mail if it's not found).
  4. Return to the app and enter that code by clicking on the 'Enter Code' button.

If that code didn't work, or it told you something like "Invalid Token" you can go back to the email you got from us and there will be a link right under the code you received. It will say "You can also click here and follow the reset directions: Reset Your Password."  When you press that link you should be taken right to the page to enter your new password. 

General Password Guidelines

  • Never reuse passwords on multiple accounts
  • Ensure a strong, unique password is set for all accounts
  • Use a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols in passwords
  • Use easy-to-remember passphrases rather than password
  • Don’t use information in passwords that can be found in social media profiles or is known to others (DOB, spouse or pet name, etc.)
  • Use a secure password generator to generate random strings of characters
  • Avoid using dictionary words and commonly used passwords
  • Consider using a password manager for creating strong passwords and secure storage, and set a long and complex passphrase for your password vault.