BabySat: Cyan (Blue) Alarms

Cyan, also known as Blue, alarms (low priority alarm) indicate that there has been movement for more than 30 seconds, sensor has a low battery, Direct Connection has been lost between the Owlet Care+ App and Base Station or the App is not connected to the Base Station. A blue alarm will make a single beep sound on the Base Station with a blue light, it will send a push notification to the mobile device and show an in-app notification to help you understand what has caused the blue alarm.

Base Station During Cyan Alarm


In-App Notification for Cyan Alarm

For Cyan Alarm causes and solutions, please reference this table and the below details.

Movement Over 30 Seconds

Check the Sensor placement on your baby’s foot, check the sock fit. Ensure you are using the correct size sock and the correct sock for their foot (right vs left). Although BabySat is capable of getting readings through gentle motion, ensure your baby isn’t wiggling excessively or being moved (i.e. swing or being held). If data has not updated for more than 90 seconds OR there has been excessive movement for over 4 minutes, a yellow alarm will be triggered. It may take 10-20 seconds for this alarm to clear once the Sensor is repositioned and the baby stops moving. Turn off monitoring until the movement stops.


Sensor Low Battery

The Owlet Care+ App has a Sensor Battery Status on the Home Page under Device Settings. If the Sensor battery status is 10 minutes or less. Discontinue use and charge the Sensor.

Direct Connection Lost (App Only)

The Owlet Care+ App has a Direct Connection Status on the Home Page under Device Settings. The App has lost the Direct Connection to the Base Station. Verify the Base Station and the App are connected on the same Wi-Fi network.

App Not Connected (Base Station Only)

The Owlet Care+ App was not opened within 60 seconds of starting monitoring, which needs to be done once per cycle. Open the App while on the same Wi-Fi as the Base Station.