Sock 3 Setup Steps

Please Note: Owlet products work with dual-band routers (2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz).

  1. For setup, both your Owlet device and phone or tablet need to be connected on 2.4GHz
  2. Please perform set-up within 10 feet of your router
  3. After setup you may move your phone or tablet back to 5GHz

Download the Owlet Care App from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store (available for USA & Canada only). Please reference this guide to identify the App compatible with your Owlet product(s) and smartphone platform. 


  1. Open the Owlet Care App, select “Join” and create an account.
  2. Follow the prompts in the App. Select the region where the product was purchased.

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    • You will receive an email from ‘’ that requires you to confirm the email in the link that was sent.
      • If you don’t see the email, check your spam/junk folders
  3. Add a child Profile
  4. Each child profile can have 1 Owlet Cam and 1 Sock assigned to it.

  5. Select add Device & then Sock.
  6. Plug the Base into the wall. The Base station should start glowing white. (Power strips and extension cables are not recommended.) 
  7. Follow the directions in the App to connect to WiFi. Confirm WiFi is connected by checking WiFi light on the bottom of the Base is illuminated.
    • Android: Select the available Owlet device
    • iOS: On your device, open the Wi-Fi menu and connect to the available Owlet device
      • You should then be redirected back to the Owlet App.
      • If you see the following error, please select ok and continue.


  8. Select your home Wi-Fi and enter the password.
    • This must be set up on a 2.4GHz network
  9. If you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi using the App, click here and follow the instructions.
  10. Press and hold the Base station until it beeps twice to register.
    • If you see “Can’t find device…”, please try again. If unsuccessful, verify the Wi-Fi indicator light is on under the Base station. If not, please click here and perform the steps.  


  11. Place the Sensor on the Base Charging Port to pair.
    • If the App shows "Sock Pairing Failed"

      • Please do the following:
        • Turn the Base station over and make sure the Sock & Wi-Fi indicator lights are both green.  If so….
          • If the Wi-Fi light is not lit, please connect to Wi-Fi by following these steps. 
          • If the Sock light is not lit, ensure the Sensor has had time to charge (8-hour charge in under 20 minutes; fully charged in 90 minutes) and refer to this guide for further assistance pairing.
      • If both lights are green, force quit the App. (do not skip this step)
      • Open the App & select the Account tab. 


      • Then select Smart Sock under My Owlet Devices.
      • Assign the Sock to the baby profile you created in step 4.


  12. If an update is available to the firmware for the Sensor and Base station it will show and start now
    • Do not remove the Sensor from the Base or unplug the Base during the update. In general, this should take 10 -15 minutes.
  13. Read through the Important Safety Information
  14. When the Update is complete the Sock Tutorial will show 3 articles. You must scroll down and read the content to advance when first setting up your Sock. The 3 articles are listed below.