Smart Sock 3: Connecting to Wi-Fi Using a Mobile Browser

Follow this how-to guide to connect the Smart Sock 3 base station to Wi-Fi through a mobile internet browser.

Before completing the steps in this guide, ensure the following conditions are met.

  • The base station is plugged in.
  • You know your home Wi-Fi password.
  • You are connecting to a 2.4g Wi-Fi (5g is not compatible.) 
  • Verify your internet is working by browsing a website on a wireless device connected to your home Wi-Fi.
    • Solution: Reboot the router and modem, or contact your internet provider.
  • The base station is in close range of your router. (The base can be relocated after setup depending on signal strength.) 
    • Solution: Move the base station closer to your router or use a router with better signal strength.


Navigate to your Wi-Fi settings area on your mobile device and select the Owlet Wi-Fi network. The network is labeled, “Owlet-XXXXXXXXXXX.”

  • If you get an error message, click Ok. Verify that you are connected to the Owlet network. If not, select the Owlet network again. Click Done in the upper-right corner before the error message appears again. 


Open a new internet browser window and type into the search bar. Click enter or return to complete the search.


Click Connect next to your Wi-Fi network name and type in your Wi-Fi password when prompted. Click Connect. 


Close your browser and navigate back to your phone settings. Reconnect to your regular Wi-Fi network.

  • The Owlet network will disappear and become invisible once the base station has successfully connected to the home Wi-Fi network. 

How do I know if I’m connected? 

The green indicator light on the bottom of the Base Station will light up when connected to Wi-Fi.