Cam 2 not in Pairing Mode

If you’re attempting to connect your Cam for the first time or you’re connecting to a new WiFi connection, your Cam needs to be in pairing mode. Pairing mode is indicated by an alternating red and blue status light below the Cam lens. Follow this article’s steps to place your Cam into pairing mode if it isn’t entering pairing mode automatically. 

Try this quick tip first

  • Switch your phone to light mode temporarily if you’re using dark mode. The QR Code you’re receiving during a first-time Cam setup is now much brighter and easier for your new Cam to scan.    

Place your Cam in pairing mode

To place your Cam in pairing mode:

  1. Press and hold the button on the back of the Cam, located just below the perforated vent.
  2. Hold the button until you see your Cam’s status light begin blinking in alternating red and blue (about 3 seconds).
  3. Listen for the auditory confirmation phrase, “Ready to pair” and release the button immediately upon hearing the spoken confirmation.
    Your Cam is now in pairing mode.

Factory reset your Cam

To factory reset your Cam:

  1. Press and hold the button on the back of your Cam for 15+ seconds until the status light turns off and you hear the response, “Resetting, please wait.”
  2. Release the button once you hear the spoken confirmation.
    Your Cam is now in pairing mode and alternating red and blue light lights.

NOTE: Hold down the button for up to 60 seconds if the 15-second button hold is not initiating the factory reset process.


If the Cam does not initiate a factory reset with a long button hold, take these steps:

  1. Unplug your Cam from the power supply for 30 seconds.
  2. Plug your Cam back into the power supply.
    Do you see a red light now?
    1. This indicates your Cam is powering up.
    2. This is followed by red and blue alternating lights, indicating your Cam is now in pairing mode.

When to use pairing mode vs. factory reset

Pairing mode and factory reset are not the same and you need to know which one to use for the appropriate situation. Your Cam’s status and the task you want to accomplish determine which one to use.

Pairing mode (a 3-second button press)

Use this to:

  • Connect to a new WiFi connection
  • Update your WiFi password for an existing WiFi network connection.
  • Add a new WiFi connection. For example, use pairing mode while visiting family members to connect your Cam to their WiFi network.
    Note: Don’t worry, your Cam won’t forget your home WiFi. Your Cam remembers the last 5 WiFi networks with which it connects. If your home is one of the 5 most recent WiFi network addresses, your Cam automatically reconnects to your home WiFi once you return and the Cam is powered on.
Factory Reset (a 15-second button press)
Use this to:
  • Forget previous WiFi connections.
  • Force your Cam to enter pairing mode. (Completing a factory reset places your Cam into pairing mode.)   

What does my Cam light status mean?

What the color of your status light means depends on your Cam's firmware.  Please use this article to verify the meaning of your status light color before continuing.  

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