Cam 1 Error Codes

OC01 - RED/BLUE blinking lights

  • Wifi password or SSID incorrect (31 Characters Max).
  • Phone is NOT on 2.4 GHz. Go here for for OC01 troubleshooting.

OC01 - Solid BLUE

  • LAN search failed
  • Cam couldn't find the app through the router. Please do not close app during setup.
  • User network settings preventing devices from communicating with each other. This is usually blocked with guest networks.
  • If user has one wifi name for 2.4 and 5GHz then user will need to split them for set up.


  • App unable to connect to camera. Please reach out to customer service at for further assistance.



  • Make sure power cable is firmly secured at both ends. Perform a hard reset by holding the small circular button on the back of the Cam until you hear "resetting".