How Does the Smart Sock 3 get Readings?

The Sock sensor uses pulse oximetry to get readings from your child's foot while they sleep. A small light shines through the skin and the amount of blood flow and oxygen level are estimated based on how much light is transmitted to the sensor.



The Sock sensor collects data and sends it to the Base Station. The Base Station notifies as needed based on the data sent from the Sock. The Base Station is your primary notification device in the event of a red notification and as such should be placed in a location where you can hear it if it sounds.



When connected to Wi-Fi: The Base Station sends information to the Owlet cloud via Wi-Fi. The Owlet cloud enables this data to be shown in the app. This provides real-time readings and notifications on the app from anywhere.


LAN (Local area network) mode: To use LAN mode your phone must be on the same Wi-Fi connection as your Base Station. Using Wi-Fi, the app establishes an initial connection to the Owlet cloud and will deliver data to the app as long as the app is not closed and the Wi-Fi connection does not change on the app or Base Station.