BabySat: Setting up the App

The Owlet Care+ App communicates with the Base Station using your home Wi-Fi network. The App displays readings, status messages and alarm information and is a vital part of BabySat. The mobile device should always be on and within arm’s reach of the Caregiver while monitoring the baby. 

The Owlet Care+ App allows you to:

  • Control the Base Station remotely
  • See real-time readings for Pulse Rate & SpO2
  • Receive alarms
  • See and modify alarm thresholds

Requirements: Any Apple mobile device with iOS 14 or greater. Not compatible with smart watches.


Description automatically generated WARNING!  Always keep the Base Station in audible range. Use the Base Station as your source for alarms and check on the baby first.  DO NOT rely on mobile device for alarms. The Owlet Care+ App will ONLY alarm when open and the mobile device is unlocked and connected to the same Wi-Fi as the Base Station. If the App is closed, it may take additional time to receive and display Push Notifications.

Description automatically generated  NOTE: Contact Owlet Baby Care for assistance in setting up, using or maintaining the BabySat device, or to report unexpected performance and operational issues.

Description automatically generated NOTE: The Sensor comes inserted in one of the small Sock sizes. Initial hardware and App setup may be completed using this configuration. Correct Sock size selection should be verified before actual use. (See Section 6)

Download the Owlet Care+ App

Before proceeding, download and install the App. The App will guide you step by step through setup.

  1. Go to the Apple App store on your mobile device.
  2. Search for Owlet Care+ App.
  3. Download the App.

BabySat Light Mode.png


Description automatically generated WARNING! Without Push Notifications, the App has no way to provide alarms to the user when closed. Make sure to allow Push Notifications.

Description automatically generated CAUTION. For security, keep your iOS Software and Owlet Care+ App up to date at all times and make sure your mobile device is password protected.

Description automatically generated NOTE: You must have a valid Apple App Store account to download the App.

Finish Setup

After downloading, the App will guide you through:

  • Creating an Account
  • Account Confirmation
  • Enabling Push Notifications
  • Device Setup
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Registering Base Station
  • Sensor Pairing
  • Creating a Child Profile
  • Safety Tutorial