BabySat: Sock Pairing Failed During Setup

If your Owlet Care+ App shows Sock Pairing Failed during setup, please follow the instructions in this article.

  1. Please turn the Base station over.  Are both the Wi-Fi and Sock indicator lights green?
    1. If the Wi-Fi light is not lit, please connect to Wi-Fi.
    2. If the Sock light is not lit, please make sure the Sensor has had time to charge (8-hour charge in under 20 minutes; fully charged in 90 minutes).
  2. Are both lights green?
    1. Your device had trouble assigning the Sock to your child's profile
    2. If both lights are green, force quit the App. (do not skip this step)
    3. Open the App & select the Account tab.
    4. Then select BabySat under My Owlet Devices
    5. Assign the BabySat to the baby profile you created in step 4