BabySat: Understanding the App

The Owlet Care+ Home Screen shows key information about the health and current status of the baby and the Base Station.  This article contains summary details about these key pieces of information.  To navigate to a specific section within the article, please click on one of the options in the table below.


Tooltip ? Buttons

Press any of the tooltip buttons (?) to get more detailed information about the section.

Device Settings

Press this button to access device settings including alarm settings.

Child and Device Status

Current status of the child and the device are shown at the top of the screen.

Status Color

The color indicates the current status or alarm condition at a glance.

  • Charging/Not Monitoring
  • Monitoring and Normal
  • High Priority Alarm
  • Medium Priority Alarm
  • Low Priority Alarm

Status Message(s)

The status message(s) provides information about the status or alarm condition.

For more detailed information press the tooltip ? button.


The readings show the child’s current pulse rate and oxygen saturation levels.

Pulse Rate

The current pulse rate is displayed in beats per minute (BPM). Your child’s pulse rates are naturally much faster than adults.

SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation)

The current oxygen saturation level displayed in percent (%).

Alarm Limits

Current alarm limits are shown on the dials. No value is shown when a particular alarm is disabled.


When your child is moving, and we cannot get readings, these wiggling feet will appear and the green Base Station lights will bounce back and forth.


Movement can impact the quality of readings, so rather than notifying you unnecessarily, the readings and notifications will be momentarily paused until we get quality readings again.

Device Information

The Home Screen also shows detailed device information about the Base Station, Sock and Alarms.  For more information about each section press the tooltip ? button for the section.

Base Station Connection Status

The Owlet Care+ App can connect to the Base Station either directly over the same network or remotely through cloud servers,

Direct Connection: The mobile device is talking directly to the Base Station on the same network. The App will generate alarms and can control the Base Station.

WARNING! Always use the Base Station as your source for alarms. DO NOT RELY ON MOBILE DEVICE FOR ALARMS!

Remote Connection: A remote connection occurs when the phone is not on the same Wi-Fi network as the Base Station. In this state, alarms are not provided on the App and the App will show:

Remote Connection - Alarms Unavailable in App

Base Station Status and Control

Press toggle monitoring on or off when the Sock is not charging. This feature is only available during Direct Connections.

Alert Status and Control

This indicates when an audible alert has been paused.  This pause provides time to respond to the alarm and resolve the underlying alarm condition. All audible alerts resume after 2 minutes or if a new alarm occurs.

Reading Quality

Reading Quality indicates how reliable the oxygen level measurements are and are based on the ratio of pulse rate signal to received light signal. If Reading Quality is Poor, the BabySat 3 will stop providing values and will display symbols - or ? in place of pulse rate and SpO2 values.

In addition to Reading Quality, the BabySat 3 also monitors motion, ambient light, and other conditions and will stop displaying values if they are no longer reliable. The BabySat 3 will alarm if readings remain unreliable.

Pulse oximetry readings can be affected by poor contact of the Sensor with the skin. Verify the Sock fit and placement is correct.

Reading Quality can also be affected by foot temperature. A cold foot can decrease signal quality. Warm up the foot, and recheck the reading in 10-15 minutes.

If after performing these steps the Reading Quality is still Poor, contact Owlet customer support for further guidance. If you are concerned about your child’s health when this issue occurs, contact your physician for advice.

Sensor Battery Levels

Sensor Range Indicator

Bluetooth Range indicates the connection strength between the Base Station and the Sensor. A Poor connection can affect performance.

Range is affected by distance and building layout. Move the Base Station closer to the child until you get Good or Okay.

Collapsed View

Device details can be collapsed by pressing the carrot. Device details are represented by icons.

App Tabs

This section is always at the bottom and allows you to navigate to other app screens.

  • Home
    • This is the main screen with child and device details.
  • History
    • See a 30-day notification summary.
  • Guide
    • View FAQs, this tutorial, guides and user manuals.
  • Account
    • Manage account details and child profiles. Also, access Chat or Phone support options.