Cam 2 Owlet Dream Duo FAQ's

What is the Owlet Dream Duo?

The Dream Duo combines the Dream Sock and the Owlet Cam 2. With the Cam2 , the Dream Duo provides additional Sleep Quality Indicators like humidity, room temperature and noise level. Cam 2 provides video clips & push notifications when sound, motion, or crying are detected in Baby's room. It also streams HD 1080p video with night vision and two-way audio to parents’ smartphones over a secure, encrypted WiFi connection so parents can hear and see their baby from anywhere.

Is the Owlet Dream Duo HSA/FSA approved?

Yes, you can use your HSA/FSA funds to purchase the Duo.

What comes in the Owlet Dream Duo box?

You will receive a Dream sock Sensor, Base Station, two sock sizes with a right and left sock, a power adaptor and charging cords, as well as the Owlet Cam 2, magnetic base, wall mounting kit with cable guards, and power adapter.

Do you have to pay extra to use the app?

Our Owlet Apps are free!

Can my spouse/partner and I both monitor our child via our smartphones?

Up to 4 caregivers can access the Owlet Dream App and any associated products with that account from their separate smartphones.

Why would I want to track my baby's sleep?

Tracking your baby’s sleep will give you the advantage of learning your baby’s sleep patterns, routines and sleepy cues. You can use the tracker as a guide for how long your baby tends to be awake and how long they tend to nap which then helps you to plan out your day! Tracking can also give you insight into your baby’s development, such as when they're ready to drop a nap!

What colors does the Dream Duo come in?

The Dream Duo comes in 8 awesome color combinations! Customers can pair a White Cam 2 with a Mint, Deep Sea Green, Sleepy Sage, Dusty Rose, or Bedtime Blue Dream Sock at most of our retailers, including Customers can get exclusive monochromatic Dream Duos from where both the Dream Sock and Cam 2 are in Bedtime Blue, Dusty Rose, or Sleepy Sage.

What is the difference between the two Dream Duos?

The new Dream Duo combines the award-winning technology of the Dream Sock with the brand new Cam 2! By adding the Cam 2, you can enjoy added features like cry detection and video clips when sound, motion, or crying are detected in Baby's room!

What is a Sleep Quality Indicator?

A Sleep Quality Indicator is a measurable statistic that lends insights into how well your Baby is sleeping. With the Dream Sock, we track heart rate, average oxygen level, noise, wakings, room temperature, humidity, and movement to determine if Baby is getting quality sleep. Our proprietary algorithm gets to know your baby by tracking your baby’s Sleep Quality Indicators to learn your baby’s sleep baseline. If your baby’s sleep indicators differ from the expected baseline, you will receive a “Sleep Assist Prompt" on your Base Station and in the Dream App letting you know the baby may be uncomfortable or need help getting back to sleep.

What is Predictive Sleep Technology?

Predictive Sleep Technology is a new tool in the Dream App available for all Cam 2 and Dream Sock users. Predictive Sleep takes data like a baby's age, the last time they slept, and how long they slept to calculate their next ideal bed time. Predictive Sleep tracks wake & sleep windows so you don't have to.

How do you use Predictive Sleep Technology in Dream Duo or Dream Sock?

To use Predictive Sleep, parents simply need to put the Dream Sock on their baby before their nap, and then return the Sock to the Base Station once Baby wakes up. If a parent forgets to put the Sock on before Baby goes to sleep, they can also manually input their nap time in the app. Once a nap is logged or the Sock is returned to the Base Station, Predictive Sleep will display Baby's next bedtime on the home screen of the Dream App.

What makes Predictive Sleep Technology "personalized?"

Predictive Sleep Technology looks at your baby's age, time slept in the prior nap, and time since their last nap to calculate the best wake window for them. It automatically changes its calculations as Baby grows and their ideal sleep needs change.