Dream Health Notifications: Recovery Mode

What is Recovery Mode?

Recovery Mode is a new feature introduced with the FDA-cleared Dream Sock. When the Base Station is powered off, a monitoring session will begin automatically after 20 minutes, if 4 minutes of consecutive readings are detected. Recovery Mode functionality is available to all Dream Sock Users who have converted to the FDA-cleared Dream Sock experience and will function with Health Notifications enabled or disabled.

How Do I Use Recovery Mode?

During a sock session, your baby may need a diaper change, to be fed, burped, or maybe even rocked back to sleep. During this period, many caregivers turn off monitoring by pressing on the Base Station to avoid unnecessary notifications while they are supporting their child. But because we are all sleepy parents, you may forget to turn monitoring back on.

Rest assured, Recovery Mode has your back! If the Base Station is turned off and monitoring is stopped, Recovery Mode will wait for 20 minutes, if or when the Sensor has collected 4 minutes of quality readings, Recovery Mode will automatically turn on the Base Station to resume monitoring. You will receive a push notification on your mobile device letting you know that Recovery Mode has turned monitoring back on and you will be able to see live readings in the Dream App.

Recovery Mode can be toggled off by accessing the Sock control hub and clicking the toggle to the OFF position. This will turn off Recovery Mode for the current sock session. However, the toggle will automatically turn back on at the beginning of the next sock session. If you have turned off monitoring and toggled OFF Recovery Mode, your child will not be monitored and you will not receive notifications.