Who do I contact?

Thank you so much for your interest in BabySat!  We have partnered with Adapt Health to help distribute the device within the United States.  To review details on our BabySat device, go here.

If you have additional questions, please review the information below carefully so you can connect to the best team to resolve your question or issue.

Purchases of the BabySat device are done through Adapt Health.  You may start that process here

If you have general questions about BabySat or questions regarding getting a prescription, price, ordering, receiving, or returning the BabySat device, please contact Adaptive Health via phone or email.

  • Phone*
    • 1-800-673-3126
    • Monday through Friday: 8:30am - 5pm EST
    • Saturday and Sunday: Closed
  • Email

*When calling Adapt Health, you will hear two menu options.  To be connected properly, please follow the below instructions.

  1. Menu One: Select option "1" if you have Owlet BabySat questions.
  2. Menu Two: Selection option "1" if you have general questions about the BabySat device or questions about placing or receiving your order.

If you are currently using the BabySat device, and have a specific question regarding your experience, please go here to view contact options for Owlet technical agents.