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1. Take the Sock off of the Base Station

When you take the Sock off the charging port the Base Station will start bouncing green, indicating that the Sock is looking for readings from your child. It’s time to put the Sock on your child’s foot.



2. Choose a size

Each box comes with 4 socks (2 sizes in a left and right). Choose the appropriate size Sock for either the left or right foot.



Important: Switch between left and right Socks every week or so to avoid irritation on child’s skin.


3. Insert the sensor (If not already attached)


After selecting a size, make sure the sensor is properly attached to the sock. The notch on the sensor should line up with the notch in the sock.


4. Position the Sock

Place the notch in the Sock behind the pinky toe on the side of their foot.



Secure the velcro from the toe strap around the foot above the toes.



Then wrap the ankle strap around the back of the ankle and secure it on top of the foot. Ensure that the ankle strap covers the full velcro strip from the ankle to the top of the foot.



5. Avoid these mistakes

Leaving these issues unresolved now could lead to discomfort for your child, or being notified when you are trying to sleep 


Mismatched sock

Make sure to use the left sock for the left foot and the right sock for the right foot.


Wrong size

If the ankle strap velcro doesn’t fit all the way on the pad, you may need to move up to the size 2 sock.


Sock too loose

The Sock and velco straps should be snug against the foot.

Sock too tight

Don’t cinch the Sock too tight or it might be uncomfortable for your child.


6. Check the base station

With the Sock now on the child, check the Base Station. Once it softly pulses green that means that your child’s readings are being picked up and are normal.



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