Smart Sock 2: Which App do I need?

For US and Canada users only:

  • If you have already downloaded the Owlet Care app on your Apple device, you are not affected.  Please follow the steps outlined here to access the Owlet Care app through your Apple ID.
  • If you have not yet downloaded the Owlet Care app, this guide is designed to help you know your options when using your iOS or Android device.  After reviewing this document, if you still have questions, please click on the Chat button at the bottom of this web page.

If you are an Owlet user outside of the US and Canada, please refer to this article instead.

iOS (USA and Canada)

Smart Sock 2 Due to the FDA ruling, Apple decided to remove the Owlet Care app from their app store.  If you do not already have the Owlet Care app associated to your Apple ID, you are unable to download it at this time. 
Cam  Owlet Dream App

Android (USA and Canada)

Smart Sock 2 Owlet Care App, available in Google Play Store
Cam Owlet Care App or Owlet Dream App, available in Google Play Store