Cam 2: Why am I not getting Sound & Motion Notifications?

If you're having trouble receiving Cam notifications, please walk through the following steps:

  • Make sure one or both of the notifications are enabled on the Cam Notifications Settings page. 


  • Make sure that your Cam Notifications ON/OFF toggle is enabled to ON on the home page.



  • Make sure that you have notifications enabled on your phone's OS level.
    • Settings -> Owlet App -> Notifications ON.

If you are still not getting Notifications, it may be due to your notifications sensitivity levels being too low or high and the camera is not picking up the events. Try adjusting the sensitivity levels for both sound and motion:


  • If you are not getting any or inconsistent sound notifications, increase your sensitivity threshold (move it towards High). 




  • If you are not getting any or inconsistent motion notifications, increase your sensitivity threshold (move it towards High).


Additionally, check the Time Between Notifications settings. Time Between Notifications refers to the time in which no sound or motion can be detected before another notification is sent. Both sound and motions have their own Time Between Notifications thresholds you can adjust. 

For example, if you choose 2 minutes for Time Between Notifications, you will not receive any notifications if sound or motion is detected during the 2 minute time frame. Once two minutes has lapsed without sound or motion being detected, and a new sound or motion event occurs, a new notification will be sent. This is to ensure you are not overwhelmed by constant notifications.