Sleep Quality Graph

Our data science and sleep experts collaborated to accurately label our sleep data with different sleep states. This graph shows your child’s sleep states for the current sock session. Once the session is complete, this data can be found in the History Tab.

The Owlet Dream Sock tracks your child’s sleep, movement, and wakings. The sleep quality indicators are evaluated by our proprietary multi-factor algorithm to determine the quality of the baby’s sleep and what sleep state they are currently in, awake, light or deep sleep.


Sleep Quality Score

This is a metric related to sleep efficiency score that is a standard for sleep. It is calculated as a percentage of time that your child is awake during the sock session. Your child’s sleep quality might show “poor” when you believe your child slept great if the Dream Sock was added prior to your child laying down to sleep, for example they wore the Dream Sock during their sleep routine prior to laying down.



Awake shows on the graph as a peach color. Awake is shown when our algorithms have determined that your child is awake.


Restful or Sleeping Lightly

Light sleep shows on the graph as a light purple color. Restful or sleeping lightly is shown when our algorithms have determined that your child is in a light sleep. Light sleep is also known as active sleep or REM sleep (rolling eye movement sleep). Sometimes light sleep (REM sleep) can look like wake, including moving, crying, talking and even having their eyes open.

The Dream Sock can have difficulty determining light sleep from awake during these moments of light sleep movement. Light sleep is the restorative sleep your child needs to help their brain and body grow and develop. When your child is first born, their sleep is about 50% light sleep (REM sleep) but as they grow and develop their sleep, eventually they will only have 30% light sleep (REM sleep) like adults. The Dream Sock allows you to watch their sleep patterns change as they grow and develop. 


Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep on the graph shows as a gray color. Deep sleep is shown when our algorithms have determined that your child is in a deep sleep. Deep sleep is the sleep state that your child is least likely to wake up from. Deep sleep is also known as NREM (non-rolling eye movement) sleep. If you need to lay your child down to sleep, or sneak in their room, deep sleep is your best chance of avoiding waking them.

As your child grows and develops, you will see more and more deep sleep on their graph. Eventually deep sleep will account for 70% of their sleep. When your child is older, deep sleep can be recognized and broken down into three sleep stages, Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. As a baby, the three stages are recognized as NREM (non-rolling eye movement) sleep.


Sleep Totals

Below the Sleep Quality Graph, you will see a legend for the sleep states and their associated colors, but you will also see the total number of minutes your child was in each sleep state.