Dream Sock Conversion

Owlet Dream app versions 1.0.40 and newer have the ability to convert an Owlet Smart Sock to an Owlet Dream Sock.

For customers who purchased legacy Owlet Smart Sock previously, they have an option to convert it to a Dream Sock to receive the Dream App features on sleep. Once the customers choose to convert to the Dream sock, they will no longer be able to connect their Sock to the Care App and we do not allow for converting back to a legacy Owlet Smart Sock. Legacy Owlet Smart Sock functionality is no longer available.

This update will convert your Smart Sock to the Dream Sock experience. The Dream Sock experience is focused on improving sleep rather than tracking heart rate and oxygen.

After conversion to the Dream Sock, the Base Station will no longer receive notifications and flashing red lights that indicate when heart rate and oxygen levels leave preset zones. The Smart Sock will no longer be usable in the Care app.

Once complete, the conversion / update cannot be undone.

To convert from a Smart Sock to a Dream Sock, connect your sock to the app via the Dream Sock connection flow.

To convert your sock complete the flow.

Once you confirm, you are on a one-way trip to Dream Sock land.