What are differences between the Dream Sock and Smart Sock?


The Owlet Dream Sock (and Dream Duo) empowers parents to build better sleep habits from day one. The Smart Sock (and Smart Sock Duo) had features notifying users that Baby's heart rate and oxygen levels departed from preset values. The Dream Sock does not have those notification features. Below is a summary of differences:

Important: Please note that the Dream Sock and Dream Duo are only available in the United States and Canada.

Dream Sock

  • Helps to build life-long, healthy sleep habits, from day 1.
  • Provides a better understanding on how long and how well your baby is sleeping.
  • Assists them in real-time, through Sleep Assist prompts.
  • Helps promote better sleep for the whole family.
  • The Dream Sock's prompts are based on Sleep Quality Indicators.
  • A comfortable fabric sock and our sensor technology.
  • Integration with the Owlet Dream app to display sleep status, sleep history and sleep quality scores.

Smart Sock 3

  • Monitor heart rate and oxygen levels.
  • Provides alerts for low oxygen levels and high/low heart rate readings.