How do I download the Owlet Web App? (US and CA only)

IMPORTANT-- For US and Canada users only: if you already downloaded the Owlet Care app on your Apple device, you are not affected. 

Note: The Owlet Care Web Version does not send push notifications.

Owlet Smart Sock users who have an Apple device, but have not yet downloaded the iOS app, may choose to access the Owlet Web Version app. Follow the steps below to guide you through downloading the Web Version. 

  1. Navigate to
    This link takes you to the Owlet Web Version login page.  
  2. In Safari's bottom toolbar tap Blue_Share_Icon.png 
    Opening the page action options.
  3. Tap Add to Home Screen.
  4. Tap Add in the top right of the screen. This creates an extension.
    Note: The name and web address auto-generate and don't require changing.
  5. Open the Owlet Web Version app now located on your Apple device's home page.