Washing the Dream Sock

Owlet recommends washing your fabric sock and sensor every 2 weeks at a minimum to avoid skin irritation caused by a soiled fabric sock and sensor. Follow the washing steps below to properly clean the Dream Sock's sock and sensor.

1. Turn off the sensor

To avoid damage, you must turn off the sock sensor prior to washing. Follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the base station and remove the sock.
  2. Press and hold the base station button while you plug the base station back in. Keep pressing the button until you hear the base station chirp 4 times. The light ring will change to blinking orange.
    1. Release pressure after the first chirp is heard.
  3. Quickly press the base station button once (1). The base station will chirp once (1) in return.
    1. It is important to click the button while the ring is blinking orange, otherwise, the sock will not properly turn off.
  4. If successful, the Sock light on the bottom of the base station will not be illuminated and the sensor light on the sock will turn off. The base station will then turn off completely.

Quick Tip!

If the sensor is unresponsive, place the sensor on the base station and follow the steps above again.

2. Wash

Ensuring the light is off on the sock sensor, gently hand wash the fabric sock and sensor using cool to lukewarm water and a mild detergent.


3. Dry

Lay or hang the fabric socks and sensor to dry. To turn the sock back on, place the sensor on the base station. Make sure the sock, sensor, and your child's foot are completely dry before use.


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