Smart Sock 2: Turn Off and Resetting the Sensor

This article is for when your sock sensor needs to be turned off or if your sensor needs to be reset. You can use the turn-off function when traveling or storing the sock long-term. The reset function can be used when the dome light is stuck cycling through lights or the sock is lagging.

How does the sensor turn off?

The base station has a magnet located in the center of the base station below the large Owlet symbol. When the sock passes over the magnet, it sends a shutdown signal to the sensor. The base station does not need to be powered on to turn off the Smart Sock 2.

  • Do not plug the sensor back into the base station while the base station has power until you are ready to turn it back on.
  • When you’re ready to power the sensor back on, connect it to the base when the base has been plugged back in and has power.

Turn off Smart Sock 2

With the sensor unplugged, slowly drag the dome end of the sensor across the center of the base station with the dome facing up. The light on the sensor should turn off immediately.



  • Slow down your movement.
  • Make sure you are making contact with the base to get the sensor as close to the magnet as possible. (You do not need to press down on the base when sliding across the large Owlet symbol.)
  • Verify the dome is facing up and the lights are facing towards the base.
  • Removing the sensor from the sock and try again.

Reset Smart Sock 2

To Reset Smart Sock 2 follow the above procedure to turn off the sock, wait 60 seconds, then power the sock back on by plugging it back into the base. The lights should return to normal.



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