Smart Sock 2: Base Station Won't Connect to Wi-Fi

Follow this troubleshooting guide when the Sock 2 base station won’t connect to your home Wi-Fi network either for your first-time setup or if connecting to additional Wi-Fi networks.

Please Note: Owlet products work with dual-band routers (2.4GHz and 5.0 GHz).

  1. For setup, both your Owlet device and phone or tablet need to be connected on 2.4GHz
  2. Please perform set-up within 10 feet of your router
  3. After setup you may move your phone or tablet back to 5GHz

Begin troubleshooting by verifying the following. If the issue persists, continue with the next steps in this article.

  • The correct Wi-Fi password is being used.
  • You are connecting to a 2.4g Wi-Fi (5g is not compatible.) 
  • Verify your internet is working by browsing a website on another wireless device connected to your home Wi-Fi.
    • Solution: Reboot the router and modem, or contact your internet provider.
  • The base station is within range of your router. You can check this by moving your base station closer to the router and attempting to connect to Wi-Fi again.
    • Solution: Move the base station closer to your router or use a router with better signal strength.

Use the Wi-Fi status light and Owlet app status to determine which of the following troubleshooting step to use. 

The status light is a small LED located on the button of the base station, it will be illuminated bright green when connected to Wi-Fi.



The Wi-Fi light is off (During sock setup)

  • Verify you are connected to the Owlet Wi-Fi network in your device’s network settings

The Wi-Fi light is on but the connection was unsuccessful (During sock setup)

  • the app may be incorrect. Skip forward in the setup by clicking the “Skip Forward” button in the bottom right and continue with registration.

The Wi-Fi light is on but failed to register

  • Go to Wi-Fi settings on your device and verify you are no longer connected to the Owlet Wi-Fi network and are connected to the same home network you are connecting the base station to.

The Wi-Fi light is off but the sock was previously connected & App is searching for the base station

  • The Wi-Fi connection was lost. Reconnect to wifi by clicking the gear icon for the sock and clicking Change Wi-Fi. Follow the instructions in the app.
  • The base station will remember the 5 most recent Wi-Fi networks, so when using it in a temporary location you’ll need to connect to the new network using the Change Wi-Fi menu as mentioned above. If your home network was within the 5 most recent connections, it will automatically reconnect once within range.

Factory Reset

If none of the above steps resolve the issue try factory resetting the base station by holding down both buttons on the bottom of the base station until you hear a chirp. Then make sure the sock is removed from the app and force quit the app. Then try connecting the base station again.

Note: This clears all Wi-Fi connections the base stations have in their memory.


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