Getting started with your Owlet Pregnancy Band - Beta

Congratulations on your new Owlet Pregnancy Band! This article will walk you through how to use TestFlight and Centercode with your Owlet Pregnancy Band product while it is in Beta.

The Owlet Pregnancy Band is a Beta product, and available to Owlet Beta Testers only. Before you can use the Band you must complete the following steps:

  • Create an Owlet Beta Tester account with Centercode using the email address of the person who will be using the Band. Click here for the direct link. 
  • Download the app called “TestFlight” from the iOS App Store. Click here for the direct link. 
  • Open the email from TestFlight and click Install. Please note that it will take 1 business day for our team to generate this email for you after you create your account in Centercode. We apologize for the delay. Thank you for your patience.
  • Download the Owlet Pregnancy app through TestFlight.
  • Create a new login in the Owlet Pregnancy app. You can use the same credentials that you used for the Centercode portal or the Owlet Care app, but you do need to create a new login. 
  • Set up your new Owlet Pregnancy Band by following the steps in the Owlet Pregnancy app.
  • Start using your new Owlet Pregnancy Band! Use the Issues, Praise, and Ideas tabs in Centercode to tell us about your experience. Thank you so much for providing your feedback to help us make this product better!

If you need any help, please submit a Support Ticket through Centercode.



What is Centercode?

Centercode is a platform the Owlet team uses to communicate with you directly. This is where you will contact support, answer surveys, submit feedback, and learn about the Owlet Pregnancy Band.

What is TestFlight?

TestFlight is an Apple app that allows testers to access apps that are still in beta. You will not be able to find the Owlet Pregnancy App in the Apple App Store—you can only access it through TestFlight

Can I use the normal Owlet Care app?

No. The Owlet Pregnancy Band uses a separate app called Owlet Pregnancy.

The app says I need a passcode. What do I do?

If the app you are using is asking you for a password, it is the wrong app (Owlet Band Study). Complete steps 1-2 above, and we will send you the correct app (Owlet Pregnancy). If you have already done this, wait for us to send you the correct app via TestFlight (Owlet Pregnancy). 

Centercode is asking me for an order number. What is this?

This is the number that is assigned to your Owlet Pregnancy Band order. You can find this number on the paper that was mailed with your Owlet Pregnancy Band. It can also be found on the order confirmation email that was sent to you.

Can I contact Owlet’s normal customer support for help with this product?

No. The Owlet Customer Care team has not been trained on how to help you with this Beta product. They will ask you to make a support ticket in Centercode or email

Where is the manual for the Owlet Pregnancy Band?

All the instructions are in the Owlet Pregnancy app towards the bottom of the homepage and located here in our Help Center. It is also in the Centercode portal on the left-hand side under Owlet Band Resources.



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