Owlet Pregnancy Band medallion status lights

The Owlet Band Medallion communicates different states with the following colored lights:


Not in Band or charging Station

When your Medallion is not in the Owlet Band or Charging Station it will flash white.



When your Medallion is connected to a Charging Station and is charging, the light will pulse white.


Charging complete

When your Medallion is connected to a Charging Station and is fully charged, the light will be solid white.


Medallion in Band (collecting readings)

When you connect your Medallion to the Owlet Band and it’s ready to collect readings, the light will flash green. Once a session is started the light will turn off so that it does not disturb you while sleeping. You can double-tap the Medallion to check its status at any time. The green light should reappear, indicating it is still collecting readings.


Medallion Firmware Error

If your Medallion encounters an error it will light up orange. Usually, an error with the Medallion can be corrected by connecting it to the Charging Station. If you continue to see an orange light, you can reset your Medallion by holding the reset button until you no longer see any lights on the Medallion. (The orange light will turn off then will return to white to indicate it is charging.)


*The Medallion must be connected to the Charging Station when you hold down the reset button.

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