How to wash and store your Owlet Pregnancy Band

It is important to care for your Band to ensure the best performance by gently hand washing it every three weeks.

Clean the Band Connections

Dust and dirt in the Band connection points can cause poor contact between the Medallion and Band cradle and charger, resulting in lower-quality readings.

  1. Get some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.
  2. Dip the cotton swab in the rubbing alcohol and wipe down the gold dots on the Band cradle, the gold pogo pins on the Medallion, and the gold dots on the charger.
  3. Once everything looks clean, let it dry.

Wash the Band Fabric

It is important to wash your Band fabric at least once every three weeks to keep your skin clean and free of irritation.

  1. Remove your Medallion from the Band. 
    1. The Medallion cannot get wet. If the Medallion comes in contact with water, it will break.
  2. Fill up a sink with lukewarm water.
  3. Add your favorite gentle detergent to the water.
  4. Place your expansion panel(s) in the water and wash by hand.
    1. You do not need to be as gentle with these.
  5. Rinse the panel(s) with lukewarm water, wring them out, and then lay them flat to dry.
  6. Next wash the front panel. Hold it by the Band cradle and place everything except the cradle in the water.
    1. Do not submerge the Medallion cradle in the water. The cradle should be able to handle splashes of water from washing the Band, but do not completely submerge it in the water. 
  7. Use your fingertips to gently scrub the fabric of the Band.
    1. The sensors on the Band can get wet, but do not crumple them up, wring them out, or scrub too hard as bending them can cause the connection lines to break.
  8. Make sure to rinse the Band well enough so that all the detergent is removed. 
  9. You can gently squeeze the fabric part of the Band to remove excess water but do not twist to wring out the sensors.
  10.  Lay or hang your Band out to dry.   

How to Store the Band

Daily storage:

  1. Lay the front panel flat to prevent cracking. (don’t fold the front panel).
  2. Place the medallion on the charger, while not in use.
  3. Store the Owlet Pregnancy Band in a climate-controlled environment. 

For long term storage:

  1. Begin by charging the medallion to 100%
    • Forgetting to do this step can result in the product being inoperable within 6-8 months
  2. Power off the medallion
    • To do this:
      1. Put the medallion on the charger
      2. Then hold the button on the charger for ~6 seconds
      3. Then remove the medallion before you let go of the button.
      4. Unplug the charger and place the medallion back in the charger for storage.
  3. Store the Owlet Pregnancy Band in an airtight container
    • An airtight container will prevent oxidation of the sensors. 
      • Ziplock bags work great
      • Oxidation does not cause any issues to the functionality or safety of the product. However, it will cause the sensors to darken
    • Be sure and place the front panel in the storage container flat
      • Folding can cause the leads to crack, and then the product will be inoperable.
  4.  Find a climate controlled area to store the Band.
  5. Each year the Band is not in use, open the container back up,  charge the Band again, and turn the medallion off before it's put back into storage.
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