Importance of Relaxing while wearing the Owlet Pregnancy Band


Owlet Band Technology

Because of the passive technology used, the Owlet Band is meant to be worn during sleep. Unlike the high-frequency waves emitted by doppler ultrasounds, the Band’s passive sensors collect thousands of bioelectrical signals every second.


Among these signals is your beating heart, muscle noise, and constantly firing nerves, all of which generate a lot of electrical noise in your body. Our algorithms filter through this noise to detect your baby’s heartbeat. It’s the equivalent of picking out a single voice, rows away, in a loud stadium!


How to Properly Relax 

Note your current stress level.

Although you may think watching TV or scrolling through social media are relaxing activities, we find they do not help mom truly relax her belly muscles all the way. Instead, close your eyes to take a nap throughout the length of your session. The more relaxed you are the better we are able to find the tiny signals from your baby's heartbeat!



Find a Room Free from Distraction

Not surprisingly, it’s not easy to relax while kids are running around and playing. Try to find a room free from distractions. Napping is easier in a room with low light, so turn down the lights and close your eyes.



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