Smart Sock 3: How to Pair or Turn off a Sensor

If you receive a new Sensor, it will need to be paired with your existing Base Station before use. This article will provide the steps needed to unpair your current Sensor and pair the newly received Sensor.

Unpairing the old Sensor (turn off sensor)

    1. Remove the old Sensor from the Base Station and set it aside. 
    2. Unplug your Base Station. Press and hold the large round button, located on the bottom of the Base Station, and plug the Base Station back in. Keep pressing the button. 
    3. After about 6 seconds the Base Station will chirp 4 times. The light ring will change to blinking orange. 
    4. Press the Base Station button 2 times quickly. The Base Station will chirp 2 times in return. This will unpair the Sensor from the Base Station. 
      • If successful, the Sock light on the bottom of the Base Station will not be illuminated. The Base Station will be bouncing white and will eventually alarm with a blue notification.

Pairing the new Sensor

    1. Place the new Sock Sensor in the Base Station charging port.
    2.  The Base Station will transition from the bouncing white, to glow solid white to indicate it has paired. Confirm it successfully paired by checking the Sock Light on the bottom of the Base Station.
    3. Remove the Sensor from the Base Station and ensure it starts bouncing green. It will eventually trigger a yellow notification if left off the Base Station. 
      • If the Base Station notifies blue, it has not successfully paired, try the pairing procedure again if unsuccessful the first time.
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