Smart Sock 3: How to Pair a New Base Station

If you receive a replacement Base Station, the existing Base Station will need to be unregistered to your baby's profile and the new Base Station will need to set up. Only one Smart Sock and one Owlet Cam can be paired to a child profile at one time. 

Keep in mind, the 30-day historical data is linked to your child profile, not the device, therefore, no data should be lost.


Removing the old Base Station

  1. Open the Accounts menu in the Owlet App.
  2. Select the existing Smart Sock. At the bottom of this page will be the option to delete the device. Select this and delete the old Base Station.
    • This can be confirmed in the My Devices section of the Accounts menu. 


Setting up the new Base Station

  1. In the My Devices section of the Accounts menu, select Add Device.
  2. Follow the setup instructions for WiFi connections and registration.
    • Once completed select the existing baby profile to finish the setup process.
    • To pair your existing Sock Sensor, please refer to this article here.


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