Dream Lab sunsetting FAQs

The Dream Lab product is sunsetting.

Owlet Care is no longer selling Dream Lab as an individual (standalone) product, but don't worry, we are supporting your product purchase through 13 July 2022. This includes whether you are using the individual product or using Dream Lab together with your Dream Sock or your Dream Duo product. 

What is the last date I can activate my Dream Lab purchase code?

If you’ve purchased Dream Lab as a standalone product, and you are planning to activate your code, you must do so by 26 April 2022, to gain access.

Why is Dream Lab no longer showing up on the Owlet website?

Dream Lab is offered together with every purchase of our Owlet Dream Sock or Dream Duo, reducing the need to purchase an individual (standalone) copy of Dream Lab. Owlet now sells Dream Lab bundled, but we are supporting our customers who own it as a standalone product or who purchase it bundled with Dream Sock or Dream Duo.

Is my Dream Lab account expiring?

No, your standalone Dream Lab account is available until 13 July 2022. Access Dream Lab from the Owlet Dream app, the Owlet Care app, or by visiting Dreamlab.Owletcare.com

Can I still activate my account?

  1. If you are a Dream Sock or Dream Duo customer, access Dream Lab once you connect your Dream Sock or your Dream Duo to your Owlet account until 13 July 2022
  2. If you own Dream Lab as an individual product, you are no longer able to activate Dream Lab as of 26 April 2022.
  3. If you own Dream Lab individual product (standalone), and you are planning to activate it, you can no longer do so as of 26 April 2022, but you can use our form to request a refund. Customer Care sends refund checks via mail delivery to our customers who qualify for this refund.

Is Dream Lab being replaced by another tool after 13 July 2022?

Yes, a new in-app feature called Predictive Sleep has replaced Dream Lab. Predictive Sleep is our most intelligent sleep tool yet, telling you exactly when to put your little one down for sleep. It is available to Dream Sock and Dream Duo customers.  You can learn more about that here.

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