iOS Setup Instructions

1. Connect the base station to an electrical outlet using the adapter cable.



2. Connect the Sock Electronics (sensor) to the base station using the Micro USB. The Smart Sock will now begin charging.



3. Download the New Owlet app from the App Store.



4. Open the app and create an account.



5. Select the device you wish to setup and follow the prompts.



6. Select the wifi network. IMPORTANT: Your Phone's wifi network and the wifi network to which you base station is connected must be a 2.4ghz network.



7. After your base station has connected to your 2.4ghz wifi network, the app will prompt you to register your base station by firmly pressing the rectangle registration button on the bottom of the base station. 



8. Next, you'll place the sock around your little one's foot.



When placing the sock around your child's foot, please ensure the following:


1. That there are no gaps between the fabric and your child's foot on the bottom, top, and sides.

2. Make sure that the sock isn't pulled too far forward or backward.

3. Ensure the notch in the sock is always aligned with the pinky toe on either the left or right foot.


For an overview of the Smart Sock 2 Fit & Placement, please click on this link to review the video:


And now you're good to go! We're excited to have you part of our family.