Smart Sock 2: App Searching for Base Station

First, reset the sensor.

To reset the sensor, just lightly drag the "dome" part of the sensor across the top of the base, starting at the little owl in the middle as seen here.

Let's reset the base station next.

In order to reset your base station to the New Owlet Care App, please follow these steps;

1. Unplug the base station from the wall and wait at least 5 minutes before plugging it back in. This will allow it to fully power cycle and reset.
2. On the bottom of your base station, press and hold the small rectangle button and the large circle button at the same time until you hear a chirp. This should turn the WiFi light off.
3. Force close the app
4. Open the app, go to the Account tab in the bottom right corner and scroll down to the bottom.
Select "Add Device" within your app, and follow the instructions to register the base to your app.
(If you still see your Smart Sock connected under "My Devices," continue with this step and it will override the old connection.)

This should allow the app to run smoothly and resolve "App Searching for Base Station" issues.